Our design services include the complex planning of interiors of the retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, coffe shops, gas stations, public facilities and offices. We alsodo remodeling of existing facilities and interior redesigning.


With access to 3 highly advanced workshops and joineries, we're able to achieve impressive production capabilities. This gives us the ability to provide equipment with advanced design, which correspond with functional and estetical design requirements of the investment. Additionally, we're able to produce standardized furniture for chain-stores.


As the general contractor, we take responsibility for every stage of implementation of the project. In addition to typical construction and renovation work, we make industry specific and technical installations. We work with lighting suppliers, as well as distributors of all types of devices supporting sales in the store, or customer service. By entrusting us with the preparation of the interior, the customers are assured that we will efficiently coordinate the course of all work.



Top range of refrigeration devices

Our refrigeration equipment is a combination of modern design and the best available technologies on the market. Made of the best quality branded components guarantee reliable operation over the years.

Close cooperation with lead manufacturers

Thanks to close cooperation with producers of refrigeration equipment and furniture, we have control over each stage of production. It gives us many more opportunities than offering standard and standard products. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our vision and investor will be implemented exactly as in the project. Customers' needs are an inspiration and a hint for us.

Comprehensive implementation

At the investment acceptance stage, the customer receives not only a fully equipped facility, but also a complete concept of operation in particular fields.

We operate in the Design & Build model

Thanks to this, already at the design stage, we know what to pay attention to, to avoid surprises during renovation and finishing works.

Time and money savings

One team responsible for the design and implementation of all investment phases guarantees a high level of service and full responsibility for each stage of the project.

Implementing new technologies

As part of the investment, we not only create design trends, but also deal with the implementation of the latest technologies in the baking, food, confectionery and catering industries.